Paul Cowgill

I'm a full-stack Ethereum engineer.

I'm a software engineer, a tech lead, and an entrepreneur. I specialize in blockchain and crypto - Ethereum, to be specific. I worked on the OpenZeppelin 2.0 smart contract audit and a few others including a stablecoin project and a well-known NFT project. I did smart contract development work for Dharma, I built the front end for a MetaCartel project, and I helped 3Box and IPFS with adding support for a React Native environment (an ongoing effort). Previously, I was the first employee and CTO at a YC-backed B2C IoT startup, Edyn.

I give tech talks every once in a while.

My go-to tech stack is TypeScript, Solidity, React, and React Native. I also like to use Buidler, Waffle, TypeChain, IPFS, and Expo.

I'm working on a project called Tasit.

The goal of Tasit is to bring more standalone native mobile Ethereum dapps into the world. Here are the docs for our SDK for making native mobile dapps with React Native. The project has received grants from Gnosis and the Ethereum Foundation.

I'm @paulcowgill on Twitter and pcowgill on GitHub. You also can reach me over email at paul at cowgill dot io, and I'm pcowgill on Telegram.