Paul Cowgill

I'm a software engineer, and I'm the founder and CEO of Tasit Labs.

I created a project called Tasit and founded a company called Tasit Labs to serve as the initial primary contributor to the project.

Tasit Labs makes mobile Ethereum dapps. The Tasit project consists of two major initiatives that dovetail together: the Tasit SDK (for developers) and the Tasit mobile apps (for pretty much anyone who uses a smartphone). Tasit Labs makes money by offering freemium features in our 3rd-party mobile apps for popular Ethereum dapps.

As for myself, I'm a software engineer, engineering leader, and entrepreneur. I specialize in blockchain and crypto - Ethereum, to be specific. I've worked on a few "big" smart contract audits including OpenZeppelin 2.0. Previously, I was the first employee and CTO at a YC-backed B2C IoT startup, Edyn.

I'm @paulcowgill on Twitter. You also can reach me at paul at cowgill dot io.