Paul Cowgill

I'm a full-stack Ethereum engineer.

I'm a software engineer, a tech lead, and an entrepreneur. I specialize in blockchain and crypto - Ethereum, to be specific. I'm on the engineering team at Foundation.

Previously, I worked on the OpenZeppelin 2.0 smart contract audit and a few others including a stablecoin project and a well-known NFT project. I did smart contract development work for Dharma. Before that I was the first employee and CTO at a YC-backed B2C IoT startup, Edyn.

I give tech talks every once in a while.

My go-to tech stack is TypeScript, Solidity, React, and React Native. I also like to use Hardhat, Waffle, TypeChain, IPFS, and Expo.

I worked on an open-source project called Tasit. Here are the docs for the SDK. The project has received grants from Gnosis and the Ethereum Foundation.

I'm @paulcowgill on Twitter and pcowgill on GitHub. You also can reach me over email at paul at cowgill dot io, and I'm pcowgill on Telegram.